Village Veterans Club of University Village

The Village Veterans group pledge to celebrate life and liberty through service, honor, remembrance, education and gratitude. Our senior veterans are dedicated to sharing stories, legacies and promoting service projects through The Amber Society to help veterans, active service men and women, their families and Tampa's veteran community.
The Village Veterans gladly welcome First Responders, Law Enforcement, EMS and firefighters as they too have served their country in emergencies and challenging moments. The world changed dramatically after 9-11 and vividly reminded us of other service veterans who live by a code of courage and caring. Joining together with common goals, we can continue enriching and touching the lives of others.

As a community who embraces living life to the fullest, University Village strives to preserve these significant gatherings and traditions. Join us at a Village Veterans meeting or call (813) 975-5009 to receive ongoing updates, news and invitations to club happenings!