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University Village Library

A remarkable treasure with vast collections!

University Village residents know that reading keeps your mind active and engaged and they are grateful for an excellent source of reading materials right in their own community. Thanks to the dedication of a team of sixteen volunteers, University Village has an outstanding library stocked with best sellers, novels, biographies, mysteries, health, humor, non-fiction, World War II and more plus a section devoted to large print.

The Chair of the Library Committee meets with the library team once every three months; however, their work is ongoing. Volunteers shelve the returned books from the cart which fills quickly and must be done numerous times throughout the day. Volunteers have this responsibility for a week about once every two months.

One volunteer manages the popular large print section of the library while another has the responsibility of the second floor auxiliary library. Due to space constrictions, two copies of a book are shelved in the main library while any third copies are kept in the auxiliary library. Additionally, older books and the classics are kept in the auxiliary library. As part of giving back to the community, surplus books are donated to local organizations in need.

Reading fulfills the intellectual aspect of social engagement as friends discuss the latest book they finished over lunch or dinner. The documented benefits of reading are many – including improving memory, concentration, and focus. Reading is an active mental process that activates and engages as you reason out new things that may be unfamiliar to you. Reading widens your horizon of information and provides a glimpse of other cultures and places around the world.

This remarkable corner of the Commons is a tribute to the on-going efforts of the Library Committee to acquire new books, keep the shelves organized and alphabetized.