University Village's Masterpiece Living Community

University Village is proud to be a Masterpiece Living community. Masterpiece Living has defined a new reality about aging and senior living. Masterpiece Living emphasizes self-esteem and it empowers residents to pursue a lifestyle that maximizes learning, growing and meaning in their lives.
This revolutionary whole-person, whole community initiative promotes a culture of successful aging. It is a comprehensive, research-based, and measurable alternative that will help older adults make the kinds of choices that contribute to a long and healthy life.
Masterpiece Living’s roots stem from the landmark 10-year MacArthur Foundation study into the principles of "Successful Aging." This study found that 70% of how we age is due to our lifestyle choices. Only 30% is determined by our genes. View our Masterpiece Living videos to learn more.
As part of our dedication to providing the best in senior living, Masterpiece Living is available to all University Village residents. By developing a personalized plan, with measurable results that include goal setting and customized feedback, Masterpiece Living enables each resident to achieve their individual goals and defy the stereotypes of aging. The Mayo Clinic will also provide analysis and support for those enrolled in the initiative.
Masterpiece Living at University Village offers residents a network of positive relationships that nurture ongoing physical, intellectual, spiritual, and social fulfillment to enhance the senior living experience.

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