University Village Executive Director

University Village has developed a thriving culture and a signature senior living community—our visitors feel our culture when they meet our residents and our team. We are a very friendly, active and vibrant group with ambitions and dreams.
University Village is a unique retirement living community because our residents have such an active role in the day-to-day operations and in creating the vision for the future of this senior living village. My senior living management team and I value the experience and knowledge that our residents bring to the table.
Through a well-organized Resident Association including the Resident Board and Resident Committees, our residents work hand-in-hand with us in developing policy and making decisions.
Residents feel a tremendous “ownership” in creating this signature senior living community. Because of this, they volunteer their skills and talents on an unprecedented level. This is participative senior living management at the highest level.
Our residents are amazing people and our signature senior living community is truly a product of their efforts. We listen to their recommendations—they offer very real and viable solutions for this senior living village. The involvement and community spirit at University Village just continues to grow. We firmly believe:
  • Our mission is to help seniors live life to the fullest!
  • Our retirement living community fosters an environment rich in learning, growing, and accomplishment.
  • Our seniors live a vibrant life filled with exploration, social engagement and rewards.
  • In providing seniors with the best tools, opportunities and information necessary to foster and promote
    healthy living.
  • Our residents are the testimony to living a happy, healthy and long life.
It is a pleasure and privilege to work at this senior living village. Together we are shaping the next 20 years of signature senior living and I am proud to be a part of this transformation.

Biography: Tim Parker has 35 years of experience in senior living management and has directed several resort style retirement living communities across the country. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Tampa College. He has been the Executive Director of University Village for over 18 years.